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We work with clients to develop their professionals, policies, programs, organizations and sometimes sectors at large.


Since being established in 2010 in Nova Scotia, we have grown into a pan-Canadian consultancy known for our expert teams with a pulse on international best practice, our collaborative approach and evidence-based methodologies. It’s this standard of excellence that has brought clients back to us again and again.

Our Five Focus Areas

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Strategic reviews and planning

Planning and evaluation keep programs, teams and organizations in tune with client, funder and stakeholder needs.


Most recently we have completed reviews for the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators, the Federation of Law Societies of Canada and the Real Estate Council of Ontario.

Standards of competency are building blocks for safe and effective practice, education, regulation, and labour and learner mobility.


Most recently we have developed entry to practice, core and continuing competencies for the Real Estate Regulators of Canada, the Federation of Dental Hygiene Regulators of Canada, Canadian Occupational Therapist regulators and educators and the National Alliance for Respiratory Therapy Regulatory Bodies.

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Competencies for entry, core and continuing practice

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Labour and learner mobility

Recognition of competencies and credentials impacts individuals and communities, it is a key driver of economic growth. We conduct research and develop tools to support employers, learners and workers.


Most recently, we authored an independent report related to the monitoring of the Lisbon Recognition Convention and the UNESCO Global Convention. Over the years, we have researched and developed career maps, formative assessments, and alternate pathways for sectors and single occupations.

Striking a unique balance between managing priorities, tracking progress and relationship building, each team member has extensive experience in managing people, projects and teams, both for CAMPROF and individually. We have worked with committees and boards at specialist and strategic levels.

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Bilingual project and program management

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anti-racism, reconciliation

Recognizing the urgency of initiatives like #METOO, #ECM, #BLM, #MMIW, we strive to view our teams and projects through an inclusion lens.


Over the years, we have developed standards for competency and behaviours focused on inclusion within all spheres of influence, including those specific to a profession and those that are transferable. We often partner with equity and anti-racism experts to meet specific client needs.

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