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About Eva (she/her/elle)

Eva has held a variety of specialist and management positions, from Director,Foreign Credential Recognition with the Tourism HR Council where she led initiatives for non-regulated professions, to Research & Development Specialistat Graybridge Malkam, where she developed diversity, equity and inclusion programming for corporations like The Ottawa Hospital, General Electric or 3M Canada.


As a senior consultant she has developed numerous competency profiles and frameworks, researched foreign credential and qualification recognition solutions, conducted secondary and primary research and analysis, and facilitated subject matter expert workshops. Her consulting experience spans law, health, mining, non-profit, fish harvesting and real estate sectors.


Every year, she coaches Canadian diplomats posted in central Europe and mentors newcomers to Canada, assisting them in finding skills-commensurate jobs.


Eva has studied in Austria and Denmark and holds Bachelor’s and Master's degrees in Business Education (WES equivalent). She has continued her life-long learning on this side of the Atlantic in third party neutral processes, interviewing for intercultural effectiveness and personal development analysis and assessment. She is bilingual in English and German and reads French. 


Eva is privileged to be living in rural Ottawa, the beautiful traditional lands of the Algonquin nations. Together with her partner they raise their anti-racist school age children.

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About Karen (she/her/elle)

Karen has held a variety of positions in the regulatory sector, from Council President to Deputy Registrar of an Ontario regulatory body, where she managed a project to develop and validate the professions’ inaugural competency profiles. She then authored a white paper on the assessment of competencies, which led to having been offered a position as the first Executive Director of the Canadian Alliance of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathologists.

There, Karen secured and managed a 3-year project funded by the Government of Canada to develop a competency-based framework for the assessment of both domestic and internationally-educated professionals, and seeking endorsement of the framework from all regulators across Canada.


Karen thrives on assisting organizations with establishing sound governance and operational practices based on strategic priorities. She was the first Executive Director of the Canadian Network of Agencies for Regulation (CNAR), an association which brings together Canada’s provincial and national regulators, licensing boards, accrediting agencies, examining bodies, and government officials at all levels.


Karen was also the first Executive Director of the Canadian Council of Physiotherapy University Programs (CCPUP), where she supported the board in establishing its policies, bylaws, and infrastructure. She also participated in updating the profession’s competencies and educational outcomes.


Karen is known as an incredibly productive consultant who handles competing demands and novel tasks with verve and flexibility. She holds a Master’s degree in Health Science, is fluently bilingual in French and English, and has recently become a Professional Community Interpreter.


Karen lives along the Rideau River on the Algonquin Anishinabe territory with her husband and rescue dog.

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