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It's official! Leadership changes at CamProf Inc

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

CamProf Inc announces that its ownership and leadership is transitioning from Nigel Lloyd to Eva Schausberger and Karen Luker. Previously, CamProf Inc was set up and owned through its UK parent company Cambridge Professional Development Ltd; it will operate as CAMPROF Canada Inc going forward.

"I think CamProf Inc.’s track record, network of impressive consultants and its international clients and expertise will be a useful ‘vehicle’ for Eva and Karen to further grow their consulting careers while some of us gradually wind down”, says Nigel Lloyd, soon to be former Principal of CamProf Inc. "The company will be in good hands and can continue to serve the needs of Canada’s professions, while I look to focus my attention on work with WHO, Red Cross and other international work. I don’t think I will be retiring just yet,” he adds with a smile. Ten years ago, when Nigel incorporated CamProf Inc. in Nova Scotia, he had three objectives:

  1. Contribute experience gained in Europe, the UK and internationally to improve recognition of learning and labour mobility across sectors.

  2. Have fun and promote an environment where learning and mentoring come naturally.

  3. Develop a network of consultants including one or more successors to continue the CamProf culture when he decided it was time to wind down.

"A decade later, Nigel has largely achieved his objectives. Canada is Nigel’s birthplace and second home, no doubt, he will continue to be involved in projects, in a mentorship and advisory capacity,” remarks Eva Schausberger, who was Nigel's first client in Canada and has been a Director with CamProf since 2014. She adds: “With Nigel stepping back, I am truly excited to have found such an experienced partner in Karen Luker.”

Karen chimes in: “It has been a tremendous privilege to support Canadian regulators for the past 17 years, and CamProf’s clients over the last two. The wealth of knowledge and experience within the CamProf network is stellar, and I have found a brilliant partner in Eva.”

CamProf Inc has completed projects in many sectors of the Canadian economy, including regulatory health and non-health professions. “I really enjoy the synergies within the team and value our relationships developed over years through working on dozens of projects. Having Karen contribute her expertise has been invaluable in both health and non-health specific projects.” explains Guy Fortier, a key member of the CamProf Inc Board from Quebec.

Leadership and decision-making in Canada has always been a team effort, with each Director taking on responsibilities for projects and carrying out management functions. So, the transition may be largely imperceptible to existing clients. "Eva and Karen will make a talented leadership team. Their knowledge and experience are highly complementary, and I look forward to continuing to contribute", agrees John O'Sullivan, who has worked with CamProf on numerous European and Canadian projects. “We look forward to CamProf Ltd and CAMPROF Canada continuing to collaborate closely”.

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